Uplift Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

Nothing sets the mood like aroma — especially diffused through the Ellia Uplift Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser. Simply add water and up to 7 drops of your favourite essential oil, and let the natural aromas fill your home or work area.

The ribbed, cylindrical design and 3 colour options complement any decor. With a mist delivery of up to 7 hours continuously or 14 hours intermittently, you can enjoy the soothing colour-changing light and your favourite scents without worry. Choose from a variety of relaxing and uplifting sounds with the convenient remote.

Selecting a diffuser is an expression of your own personal style. Ellia offers many models to choose from, meaning you can find the perfect look for your living space, office, or wherever you enjoy aroma most. Uplift features a unique ribbed, cylindrical design with long diamond-shaped accents that let the colour-changing light shine through.

  • $129.95