• Grapefruit / Peppermint / Lemongrass - Triple Pack 15ml

Grapefruit / Peppermint / Lemongrass - Triple Pack 15ml

Three oils for the price of two!

Inspire a space that’s cleansing and refreshing. All it takes is you and lemongrass, grapefruit and peppermint.

Our essential oils are bottled exclusively in the USA, and our violet and amber glass bottles protect the essential oil’s precious qualities.

Trust it to fill your space with a naturally fresh aroma. All it takes is five to seven drops in your diffuser, and then it will work wonders. You can even experience its effects topically. Just try one of our roll-on bottles, which are pre-blended with a carrier oil.

Our 100% pure essential oils are bottled exclusively in the USA. To protect its most precious qualities, it’s sealed in dark violet or amber glass.

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