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Our Privacy Principles are governed by the Australian Privacy Principles By ensuring that you are aware of and understand the HoMedics Australia Pty Ltd (HoMedics ) Privacy Policy we can provide you with better service. Please take a moment to read the following policy to learn how we handle your personal information. Our organisation affords the same privacy protection to unsolicited information as it does to solicited information. If we could not have collected the information we shall destroy or de-identify the information as soon as practicable.

We collect and use your personal information to give you superior customer service, to provide you with convenient access to our products and services, and to make a wider range available to you. In addition, we use your personal information to keep you up to date on the latest product announcements, promotions, special offers and other information we think you may like to hear about. From time to time, we may also use your personal information to contact you to participate in a market research survey in order we can gauge customer satisfaction and develop better products. In addition, we may collect your billing and shipping information for processing an online purchase. We will not collect personal information unless it is “reasonably necessary” for one of our functions or activities. We are required to take reasonable steps to ensure the personal information we collect is accurate, up-to-date and complete.

Our Privacy Policy will at all times ensure open and transparent management of your personal information.

We collect information about you in several ways. For example, we ask for your contact information when you correspond with us or ask to be included in an email mailing list. We collect and store the information you provide in a secure database. We shall take all reasonable steps to notify you or otherwise ensure that you are aware that our Privacy Policy contains information about how to access and seek correction of personal information, and information about our complaint process.

Our Ellia App requires that you allow us access to your camera and photos. The Ellia App captures an image and deletes the image captured within the amount of time it takes the App to recognize the color from your surroundings and match it to the mood light on your Ellia Aroma Diffuser, generally several seconds.

We will take reasonable steps to correct personal information and ensure that, having regard to a purpose for which it is held, it is accurate, up-to-date, complete, relevant and not misleading if either (i) we are satisfied it needs to be corrected or (ii) you request that your personal information needs to be corrected. If a request for correction is refused we will generally provide written reason(s) for the refusal and notify you of available complaints mechanisms.

If we collect personal information about our customers for a particular purpose (the primary purpose) we will not use or disclose the information for another purpose (the secondary purpose) unless you consent to the use or disclosure. There are exceptions where the use or disclosure for a secondary purpose can be made namely if required pursuant to Australian Law where it is necessary to lessen or prevent a serious threat to any individual’s life, health or suspicion of unlawful activity. With your consent your personal information may be shared with other HoMedics business units. They will of course protect your personal information in accordance with the HoMedics Privacy Policy.

We may only use or disclose personal information for direct marketing purposes if you would reasonably expect us to use or disclose the information for a secondary purpose and we must have provided you with a single means by which you can request not to receive direct marketing and you have not made such a request. We must of course obtain your consent before using or disclosing sensitive information for the purpose of direct marketing. You will always have the right to contact us requesting not to receive direct marketing communications, that we do not disclose personal information to other organisations for the purposes of direct marketing and you request we provide the source of your personal information.

We will comply with these requests within a reasonable period and free of charge.

HoMedics places safeguards and will take reasonable steps to protect against the loss, misuse, unauthorised access and alteration of the data you send us with physical, electronic, and managerial procedures. We urge you to take every precaution to protect your personal data when you are on the internet.

Our website uses Secure Sockets Layering (SSL) to encrypt your personal credit information, including your credit card number, before it travels over the internet. SSL technology is the industry standard for secure online transactions.

58 minutes max.You always have access to the information we have about you unless an exception applies. If you would like to review other personal information that HoMedics may have about you, please email us at 
We will respond to requests for access with a reasonable period and give access in a manner requested by you if it is reasonable to do so.

Our Privacy Policy also provides our customers with the option of not identifying themselves, or of using a pseudonym when dealing with us in a particular matter. This of course does not apply when making an on-line purchase(s) or where it is impracticable for us to deal with a customer who has not identified themselves.

When you browse the HoMedics web site, you are able to do so anonymously and can do so without identifying yourself. We don’t collect personal information when you browse – not even your email address. Your browser, however, does automatically tell us the type of computer and operating system you are using.

Like many web sites, the HoMedics web site uses “cookie” technology. When you first connect to our site, the cookie identifies your browser with a unique, random number. The cookies we use do not reveal any personal information about you. Cookies help us understand which parts of our web sites are the most popular, where our visitors are going, and how long they spend there. We use cookies to study traffic patterns on our site so we can make the site even better.

In some of our email to you, we use a “click-through URL”. When you click one of these URLs, you pass through our web server before arriving at the website that is your destination. We track click-throughs to help us determine your interest in particular topics and measure the effectiveness of our customer communications.

To further ensure your personal information remains confidential, we communicate our Privacy Policy to every HoMedics employee. HoMedics does not knowingly solicit personal information from children or send them requests for personal information.

The HoMedics Privacy Policy is subject to change at any time. We encourage you to review the Privacy Policy regularly for any changes.

Please contact to report any known or suspected privacy or security breaches or to submit privacy related questions or complaints about privacy.

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Last updated February 3, 2017