Sourcing the best scents comes second nature

Try to picture a breathtaking lavender field in Bulgaria. Or a sweet citrus farm in Brazil. Before our essential oils are bottled, this is exactly where our plants, herbs, and fruits grow. We source our essential oils from all across the world — all so they’re as pure as possible. All so you can experience their natural effects.

With your wellness in mind, we’re meticulous about every step of our process. To make sure each individual seed reaches its absolute potential, we carefully and consciously choose the region where it will thrive. Then, we work with a global network of farmers. When our plants are at their peak, they’re harvested so we can collect their natural essential oils. They’re either cold-pressed or steam-distilled, and then they’re rigorously tested to ensure every batch is 100% pure.

Because essential oils are natural products, there can be very slight variations from bottle to bottle. But that’s part of their beauty. To protect these precious qualities, our oils are sealed in premium, violet bottles. Not only does violet glass offer the greatest degree of protection from damaging UV rays, it guarantees their freshness and potency. And — so you always know exactly where your oils come from — we list the origin on every bottle.

ellia essential oils sourcing map